The Motion Sick: Thanks For Coming Out Tonight! …and new show just in…

Thanks to everyone for coming out tonight in spite of all of the political excitment.  We’ve got a last minute (well, 1 1/2 weeks away) show addition.  You’ve all seen me gush about Dead Confederate.  Well, we’re opening for them!  Also on the bill is Mean Creek, one of my favorite (maybe my favorite) Boston bands.  I don’t know anything about Catfish Haven, but I will just assume that they are awesome too.  It’s a Monday, but it’s an early show.


TT the Bear’s Place
Cambridge, MA
Catfish Haven 11:15p
Dead Confederate 10:20-11p
Mean Creek 9:30-10:05p
The Motion Sick 8:45-9:15p
doors at 8:30pm

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