The Motion Sick: Bailout?

I realize that I’m posting a lot of political and economic stuff lately.  I guess it’s just what’s going around.  Anyway, I keep reading more and more about the economic “crisis” and the bailout and I really am wondering if there is a way to hop on this situation to equalize wealth in the country rather than just take $2500 from everyone and hand it to rich people.  I like the proposals I’ve seen (which are fantasies) suggesting that we should bail the companies out and that every single American should receive $2500 in shares of stock (which I imagine would then be ultimately worth much less than $2500, but have the potential to bounce back) for all of the companies receiving the money.  Then, they would not have to pay the money back (which they won’t really anyway as far as I can understand) and we’ll all at least get something equal out of the deal.   Without any economic expertise and only a hair-thin grasp on what the hell is going on, this sounds reasonable to me.  I am running for Congress by the way…would you all consider voting for me?  I hear you get like 10 months vacation a year.

Here’s some footage of other nations reacting as well as the commentary of one economist:

Definitely listen to that NPR piece I mentioned a few posts back…and give the local economy a boost by leaving your house tonight and attending the rock show at TT’s!


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