The Motion Sick: Van Halen to McCain – Stop using our song!

As many of Mike’s posts have pointed out; it has been a struggle for musicians to find much if any remuneration for their works. A recent flap has occurred over the McCain campaign’s use of Van Halen’s song “Right Now”, which, is yet another example in a proud history of politicians using songs against the will of the songwriters/performers.

Now, while I’m not claiming to be an expert on politicians ripping off songs, I haven’t found nor can recall any instance this has happened to a liberal/progressive politician, only those on the conservative side of the aisle. (Of course, this goes without saying that there are far fewer conservative musicians, unless you consider contemporary country artists, Jessica Simpson and Brittney Spears).

Plus, the thing that amazes me is how these GOP rip off artists never seem to listen to the lyrics and messages in these songs, but only the refrain. In the case of the examples above clearly are anthems with uplifting choruses. However, hidden between those anthemic slogans are messages clearly opposed to pretty much everything they spout on the stump. Sadly but not surpringly, I suppose that in the case of the GOP politicians using these songs, there is little substance aside from slogans anyway.

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