The Motion Sick: Dead Confederate (and The Motion Sick) tonight!!!

In the latest issue of Rolling Stone, the famous David Fricke says:

I caught only the last quarter-hour of Dead Confederate’s set opening for
R.E.M. at SXSW this year. But even that short shot of the Athens,
Georgia, quintet’s buckskin-metal racket was enough to confirm (a)Dead
Confederate are even better than their name and (b)could give My Morning
Jacket a very hard time in Dixie-guitar-hurricane combat. The
Smiths-with-a-sledge-hammer jangel of “The Rat” and the slow-blues-Nirvana
crusher “Goner,” on Wrecking Ball(TAO), Dead Confederate’s first
full-length album (following a recent EP and an early independent CD under
another name), prove this is also a band with a post-punk-underground
heart. Live, Dead Confederate are known to cover Sonic Youth’s long
feedback ride “The Diamond Sea,” which certainly explains the exciting,
oceanic distemper here in “The News Underneath” and at the end of
“Wrecking Ball.” There isn’t a lot of good news in these songs – “Start
Me Laughing” sounds more like a dare – but when they hit full howl, Dead
Confederate are the living end.

10/06/08 TT the Bear’s Place Cambridge, MA

Catfish Haven 11:15p
Dead Confederate 10:20-11p
Mean Creek 9:30-10:05p
The Motion Sick 8:45-9:15p

doors at 8:30pm 18+ $8


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