The Motion Sick: My work is finished here…

Thanks to Derek Sivers and Jenny Holzer, I don’t have to think of new things to write songs about for a long while.  For those of you struggling with songwriter’s block, there’s a neat list here:

Here’s a tracklist for our next album (cowritten with Jenny Holzer):

1. bad intentions can yield good results
2. boredom makes you do crazy things
3. don’t place too much trust in experts
4. exceptional people deserve special concessions
5. ideals are replaced by conventional goals at a certain age
6. it’s better to be a good person than a famous person
7. killing is unavoidable but nothing to be proud of
8. people are boring unless they are extremists
9. the unattainable is invariably attractive
10. you can’t expect people to be something they’re not
11. your oldest fears are the worst ones

The album will be out as soon as Jenny and Derek post lyrics for all these ideas…


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