The Motion Sick: Norbert Crump and the Space-Time Continuum

Back in March, on our way home from touring, I saw a parking space reserved for Metcalf Crump (see

At that time, I said:
However, in the parking garage, we saw a space reserved for Metcalf Crump. If ever a name existed that belonged to a Kurt Vonnegut character, he is it. I am going to write a book with a character of that name. Don’t steal it from me!!

Well, I’m working on it! I can give no estimated completion date, nor any sense of whether it will be completed at all, but I am working on writing a book, tentatively titled: Norbert Crump and the Space-Time Continuum. In the book, Norbert’s father, an extremely minor character mentioned only a few times, is named Metcalf Crump. My cameotastic character has nothing to do with the Metcalf in Memphis…whom, of course, I know absolutely nothing about. I just like his name in a Kilgore Trout/Dwayne Hoover sort of way. I kind of wish that at least my last name were Crump.  

The fun restriction I’ve placed upon myself is that I only work on this book while I am on the subway and I only write on my mobile phone. Will I ever finish it? Will it be completely incompehensible gibberish? Will the real Metcalf Crump be angered by my appropriation of his name? Only time and about 80,000 more words will tell…

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