The Motion Sick: This Monday at TT’s – Come See the Best Bill Ever!!!

In case you don’t want to read the whole e-mail, here’s a summary: Monday. Best show in the universe. My favorite Boston Band Mean Creek and my favorite national band Dead Confederate! Come early! Don’t miss it! Here’s more:

We are very happy to announce that we’ve been added to the bill for the show this coming Monday (10/6) at TT the Bear’s. This is a last minute addition to our schedule and is our last show until some time November.

We are playing with my favorite Boston band, Mean Creek and my favorite national band Dead Confederate.  

Mean Creek’s soaring harmonies and on/off intensity blasts will absolutely blow your mind. Go listen to them at and see what they’re all about.

Check out Dead Confederate:

Go back and see previous posts in our blog regarding Dead Confederate:

I’ve got live video clips posted there, an interview I did with them, and links to their EP review and their live review.  

Here are some bits:

“Every once in a long, long, long while, a band comes along that not only causes me to perk up my ears, but to reopen my faith and to retract my claim that there is no uncovered ground left in rock music.”

“We’ve only got three songs left, but it’s just enough time for Dead Confederate to let us know that they are an honest-to-goodness hulking, lumbering giant.”

“There are a lot of bands doing heavier, down-tempo music right now and, if this small body of work portends future output, it’s really exciting to have stumbled upon the one band that is going to stand out and define the genre.”

“The songs were emotionally perfect as the entire band lurched through melodic constructions that boiled with tension until they exploded into precisely spastic, climactic crescendos.”

“Do not miss your chance to see them before their full-length is released and every music fan on the planet is camping out to get front-row seats to their arena shows.”

I seriously think this band is amazingly great and their live show is even better than their recordings.

So, please, for the love of all that is good, and so you don’t miss an opportunity to see the best show this year. That’s right, the best show of 2008, come on down to TT the Bear’s on Monday and catch the whole bill.  

Catfish Haven 11 PM
Dead Confederate 10 PM
Mean Creek 915 PM
The Motion Sick 830 PM

TT the Bear’s
10 Brookline St
Cambridge, MA 02139
18+ / $8

By the way, I don’t know anything about Catfish Haven. They may also be great. My omission doesn’t imply the opposite.

Also, don’t forget, we’re in Dance Dance Revolution!!! ( see more at: )

Download our new song, “Winged Bicycle” for free at

The Motion Sick