The Motion Sick: The Cult of Point Break Society

Last night, we had the pleasure of opening for The Cult of Point Break Society’s performance of Television’s “Marquee Moon” (and assorted related tunes). It was pretty friggin’ awesome! I liked a lot of the performances much better than I like the record. I have to go back and listen with my newly acquired ears for the material. They are doing the show again tonight and if last night was any indication, they are going to knock it out of the park again.

Here’s some video of last night’s performance:

It all happens at Church – 69 Kilmarnock Street Boston, MA 02215
21+ / $10
Proceeds go to charity:

We also had the pleasure of playing with Varsity Drag, featuring Ben Deily, who was in the Lemonheads during their early (and awesome years – though I do like the later stuff too). It was great to hear another branch of pop from those days.

Here’s one video of them:

Anyway, it was a very awesome night. Check the COPBS’s show out tonight for more awesomeness and new openers!

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