The Motion Sick: “30 Lives” in HD on Dance Dance Revolution Universe 3

I finally got a chance to play DDR Universe 3 on the XBox 360 this past weekend. I have had a copy of the game since its release, but no XBox 360. Anyway, the game is quite impressive in terms of options and graphics. Our video is included with the song and it plays in HD. It’s actually the highest quality version of our video I’ve ever viewed. I will say, it’s kind of terrifying to see yourself in HD. Right after playing, we flipped the TV on and saw Amy Winehouse in HD and then I felt better about how I looked. Regardless, seeing the “30 Lives” video in such high quality was a real treat.

Anyway, if you have an XBox 360, the game is definitely pretty awesome and has a pretty extensive song list including The Jackson 5, Devo, and Jamiroquai.

Incidentally, the sales of the XBox and PS2 games with our song on it are very close to reaching 500,000! That’s pretty amazing to us. We just officially found out that we are included in the DDR X Arcade game as well. It came out in Japan a few weeks ago and is scheduled for release in Europe and the US sometime this year. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get some video of arcade and 360 play soon.

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