Boston Band Crush Archived Article: Rumble Crush: Gene Dante and the Future Starlets

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Gene Dante and the Future Starlets

2009 Rumble Questions:

Boston Band Crush: Are you excited to be participating in the 31st WBCN Rock ‘n’ Roll Rumble?

Gene Dante: I am. However, my excitement diminished when I found out this rumble isn’t being fought with knives and/or guns.

Are you afraid of the Rumble curse?

Naw…I’ve been cursed plenty of times. I’ve got witches on my side, so I’m virtually immune to it.

Do you plan on doing anything special or different for your set?

Should I interpret “special” and “different” as euphamisms for something else?

How far do you think you’ll progress in the competition?

Hey…everybody wants to win. Seriously, though, there’s no telling. The variety of acts is huge. We’ve just got to be the best at our own act. Eddie Nowik said it best: “If you’re Roxy Music and on a festival bill with Motorhead, you don’t tailor your act to sound like Motorhead. You just go out and be Roxy Music.”

What’s your bet on who will make it to the finals?

No comment. My crystal ball ain’t so crystal clear.

Are there any bands you would have picked for the line up this year that didn’t get in?

It seems like a pretty great & diverse group.

What band is your favorite past winner?

Possibly The Sheila Divine, cuz everybody knows I’ve got a boycrush on Aaron Perrino…but maybe The Dresden Dolls, cuz everybody knows I’ve got a girlcrush on Amanda Palmer.

What past competitor do you think was most robbed?

At what stage? So many great bands never made it past the Preliminaries. …at the Finals? Robbie Roadsteamer…cuz everybody knows he’s my secret life coach.

Any final words or smacktalk before the battle begins?

Good luck to everyone. We all sure could use it.


Photo above by Mark Ster