Boston Band Crush Archived Article: Festival Crush: She Rides at SXSW

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She Rides is next up to the plank to answer my SXSW questions. This Providence, RI punk-hardcore band will be bringing the rock to SXSW and all over the country by the looks of their intensive touring schedule.

SXSW Interview Questions:

1. Where/When are you playing?

We are playing 3 shows at SXSW. One official showcase and two unofficial. Our first show is at Snake Eye’s Records and Vinyl on March 19 @ 12 p.m. Then at 8 p.m we are playing our official showcase at Spiro’s with Red Fang, Dead Confederate, and Howl.

2. How did you get your SXSW gig? Our label hooked us up with the showcase. A friend of mine is this great Austin band called The Roller got us the record store show. We were just contacted by a promoter for the other show.

3. Is this your first time at SXSW? This is our first time at SXSW and I will say that we are super fucking stoked!!! None of us have ever been [to SXSW before]. All our friends tell us it’s going to be better then going to heaven.

5. How important do you think it is to have an “official” showcase? I’ll let you know after the show happens. Honestly I can only assume that it helps. Plus we get 250 bucks and for a diy, touring band that is huge.

6. What do you hope to achieve by playing at SXSW? We hope that someone takes notice and helps us out. We tour a ton and it’s all diy which is great but we would love the stability a booking agent or
manager brings into the mix. We want to play as many shows as we can
and any help would be fantastic.

7. How do you plan to use the conference (beyond your show) to promote
yourself? I am honestly not that familiar with the conference part. If someone explains it to me and i’m interested I’ll check it out. If not I’ll stuff my face at veggie heaven and drink 40’s in the van.

8. Are you attending any of the actual conference? Are you attending
other shows, what shows/bands are you looking forward to? There are a ton of bands I’d like to see. Fucked Up, Gallows, The Bronx, Howl, The Roller and so many more.

9. Do you expect that Boston will have a strong showing this year?
I honestly have no idea. Hope everything goes great for all the bands
that are heading down to SXSW. Wish us luck.