Boston Band Crush Archived Article: Show Crush: Harris bids farewell, Scamper briefly says hello

This article originally appeared on Boston Band Crush ). Harris was one of the first bands I think I saw when I started getting into the Rock scene around Boston, so it is definitely sad to hear they are calling it quits. I spoke to Mike Nastri about Harris’ history, this decision, and what the future holds:

BBC: Harris has had a long run, including many accomplishments (international touring band, great records, lots of hometown support).What are some of your personal highlights or memories that stick out to you from Harris’ career?

Mike: I think that the coolest thing in the world has been to play at my favorite club in the world, The Middle East, more times than I can count. There are lots of things that I’m proud of, and that I’ll always remember. We’ve hosted touring bands from California, Philadelphia, Canada, and France for shows in the Northeast and have traveled to meet them and play shows in their parts of the world. I woke up on some one’s couch once to the sound of them smashing a television with a pick axe in their basement. We played outside during a heat lightning storm in Arcachon, France, to a gigantic and enthusiastic crowd. Endless hours in smelly vans, joking, growing a little bit older and wiser with four very different dudes, and learning about life from all of them. I have more friends in life than I ever imagined that I would have. That is the greatest gift that I’ve received from being in this band. It seems to have brought people together. That’s what music is really about to me.

BBC: What prompted the need for an official “end”?

Mike: While I’m not officially the one to talk to about this, I’m sure I contributed to it in some ways. In general, we were always the type of the band that would get in the van and go wherever we were asked. We’d all agree to do an 11 hour drive to play a show, turn around, and try like hell to make it back to Boston to work the next day without any hesitation at all. Life started to change a bit as we got older. We couldn’t pull that off anymore, and touring became less of an option. I think most of us are “all or nothing” kind of guys when it comes to Harris. Right now, the “all” isn’t really an option.

BBC: Can we expect any new projects from any Harris members? Too early to say?

Mike: God I hope so. These guys have so much talent. I’m pumped to see what they do next. I’ve been on a major writing tear myself lately, so I’ll have to figure out someway for people to hear the tunes. Break-ups are the classic inspiration for songs right? Why should the break-up of a band be any different? I have hopes of someday rocking out with my brother and sister, who are both talented songwriters and musicians.

And to lighten it up a bit, I also talked to Brendan Boogie and Nate Rogers from Scamper about their reunion show.

BBC: Why a Scamper reunion now? Should I expect this to be an annual thing?

Brendan: When we played our last show in February 2008, we said there would only be two ways we’d reunite: Harris’ last show or being blackmailed with the “artistic” video Keith shot at Neverland Ranch in his twenties. Never in our wildest dreams did we think they’d both happen at the same time.

BBC: Should I expect some scandalous facial hair? Jumping?

Brendan: All your favorite old moves will be back. As far as facial hair, I’m planning on keeping my kisser fresh as a baby’s derierre, but Nate can go from “clean shaven ” to “gold rush-era hobo with an overactive pituitary gland” in about 12 minutes flat, so you never know.

BBC: What’s the story with the weinermobile?

Brendan: I have a photo of the Oscar Meyer weinermobile on my cell phone. During the BCN Rumble shows, I had a theory that everyone in the room should be VERY interested in seeing my weinermobile. In testing that theory using scientific method, I found that people in the club had wildly varying interest. In my weinermobile.

BBC: Are you ready to admit that “sophie” is really about me?

Brendan: As soon as you get Alanis Morissette to admit that “You Oughta Know” is actually about Mike Mirabella and not that hoser Dave Coulier.

BBC: What’s on the horizon for Brendan Boogie Band?

Brendan: Most importantly, we’ve removed the word “Band” and we’re just “Brendan Boogie.” It was brought to my attention that the name was misleading, suggesting we are a “boogie band” which we most assuredly are not. I’m not even sure what a “boogie band” is. Precinct on April 24. I’m hosting the Cover-Up series which will feature the songs of Queen at the Lizard Lounge on June 12. Then, we’ll be doing some more recording this summer and trying to bring the noise and perhaps da funk.

BBC: How do you feel about Brendan Boogie hogging the BBC interview?

Nate: This feud between Boogie and me dates back to our childhood together, when he would hog all the crescent rolls, Cadbury eggs, and/or turkey burger sliders, depending on the holiday. So this is nothing new, alas.

BBC: Brendan wouldn’t admit that “sophie” is about me, and he’s also obsessed with his weinermobile, any thoughts?

Nate: What’s funny is that “Sophie” is about his weinermobile. Puts a whole new spin on “cracking on her sugarcane,” doesn’t it? No?

BBC: Did you have to bulk up or slim down (prosthetics?) in order to reprise your role in Scamper?

Nate: My Scamper contract dictates merely that I had to carve sideburns back out of my beard. And, of course, we’re all going to have to duct tape our ties back together, after cutting up our entire collective natty suit wardrobe for what we thought was Scamper’s final photoshoot.

BBC: Do you have a new project on the horizon that we’ll be hearing about soon?

Nate: Funny you should ask. Mike (Mirabella) and I have been blowing a lot of hot air about our alleged new band ever since the demise of Scamper, and then again when we departed from the Brendan Boogie Orchestra. But after quite a bit of whiskey at a party this past weekend, I think we actually named the thing (as indicated by my claiming a Myspace page in its name). So, Boston Band Crush, you get the scoop: the new band is called The Future Everybody, and we’re gonna be terrific. Oh, and we’re gonna need a bassist, a keyboardist, probably a second guitar, and someone — ideally someone of the lady variety — who can sing harmonies. Pow.

So there you have it, there will be laughs, there will be tears, a rainbow of emotions Saturday night.

Sat 4/18 Harris (final show), Scamper (reunion), Jericho Trumpet – 18+ $10adv/$12dos