The Motion Sick: Mailing List Update 4-30-09-The Motion Sick Declared Best Boston Rock Band 2009 – See Us Saturday at TT’s with illegal Iranian Rock Band – Free Music

The Motion Sick has been declared “Best Local Rock Band 2009” in the Boston Phoenix: This is a great honor to us and we thank everyone who put in a good word at the polls.

Our pals in the NYC band Semi-Precious Weapons were supposed to be visiting Boston, but some sort of eyeliner accident has resulted in them cancelling the show and begging The Motion Sick, their choice for second most gorgeous band in the world, to take their place. As we would never want to let them down, we have joined this smashtacular night of killer rock:

TT the Bear’s – Cambridge, MA

The Motion Sick 11:45 PM
Red Quiet 11:00 PM
(read this review of Red Quiet and you will know you can’t miss this:
Hypernova 10:00 PM
This band is an amazing rock band from Iran who violated the law to play in the underground and very illegal music scene. Listen to this unbelievable piece on NPR about them: They recently wrapped up a tour with Sisters of Mercy.

Talk Modern 9:00 PM

Just because we love you and we like to try new things, we’re experimenting with a pay-what-you-can model with our music. You can now download all of our music free (no strings attached) at: We ask that if you find yourself enjoying what you hear, please consider paying an amount that you think is appropriate for it on that page. You can pay before you listen, you can pay after you listen, you can pay next month. Most of all, we’d like you to listen, let us know what you think, and support us in any way you can manage.


Some of you may be aware that General Motors has decided to cut its Pontiac line. Pontiac muscle cars had a big impact on my youth, particularly the famed Knight Industries Two Thousand (KITT), the super-rad Pontiac Firebird Trans Am from Knight Rider. My affinity for these cars added to the great excitement of having an opportunity to use an amazing 74 Pontiac Ventura in our music video shoot for our song “30 Lives.” The Boston Globe made a video interviewing Pontiac owners, including Dan Poole, owner of that awesome Venture. They even included a little bit of the “30 Lives” video in the piece. Check it all out at:


We also had an amazingly awesome time at the WBCN Rock ‘N’ Roll Rumble and want to congratulate our pals The Luxury for winning the whole competition! You can read more about the fun times and see some great photos of us, possibly the best live shots we’ve ever been in, at (recap) and (photos).