Boston Band Crush Archived Article: Show Wrap Up Crush: The New Collisions EP Release

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(The New Collisions)

Unbelievable!  First, I have seen (and written about) The New Collisions on many occasions.  They have been good from day one, but last night, they proved that without a doubt, they are on fire!  I honestly expect that these guys will break out of Boston very soon and see some serious national attention.  In addition to having great songs and putting on a great show, they’ve got a very coherent and likable approach to bringing new wave back to us in a very fresh way.  I was absolutely blown away by their great, energetic performance and also how far their songs have come.  They have some of the catchiest, most clever songs of any Boston band.  Totally packing TT’s for the release of their first recordings is just the start of their grand conquests.

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The bill last night was also unbelievably heavily stacked with Boston Band Crush favorites.  Literally, every band on this bill falls in the favorites category.
The night opened with the glammy, Brit-pop, and moody Logan 5 and the Runners (Photos and Video).  They were followed by the super harmony and super guitar-solo laden power poppers The Lights Out (Photos).  Before The New Collisions arrived, Televandals slammed us with their post-rocky, punk influenced bursts of energy (Photos and Video).  After we were destroyed by The New Collisions, Township closed the night out with some serious ’70s rock (Unfortunately, I missed their set in order to catch the train home).

(Logan 5 and the Runners)

(The Lights Out)