Boston Band Crush Archived Article: Surreal Show Wrap Up Crush: Richard Lloyd, Brett Rosenberg, Fox Pass, and The Motion Sick at Church

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(Richard Lloyd) 

I realize this show was a couple of weeks ago (5/16 to be exact), but I am just now beginning to recover and get my mind wrapped around the whole thing.  I play in The Motion Sick.  We opened the night.  I don’t have much to say about that except that there was some interesting news that arrived the day before the show.  Headliner, Television’s Richard Lloyd had parted with his band a couple of days prior.  He promised that he had no plans to cancel, but he would possibly be playing solo.  Well, as it turns out, Matt Girard (of The Motion Sick) and Rich Adkins (of The In Out) had performed as part of The Cult of Point Break Society’s Television Tribute, which we wrote about a bit back (Adkins is the band leader).  So, they were recruited to replace the absent bandmates.  They had less than 24 hours to try and learn the material, for which they were not given specific song choices.  When showtime arrived, they only ended up playing a handful of songs that they had rehearsed.  They did an amazing job working with Lloyd on the fly to make it all stick together.

This was not easy as Lloyd does things on the guitar that are, gently put, uncommon.  His banter and demeanor do not convey virtuosity, but his playing absolutely impresses.  For those unfamiliar with Television, his signature guitar work is also present as part of Matthew Sweet’s signature sound during his commercial peak (starting with the album Girlfriend).  

Off-stage, the show went on.  Many of the ladies in the room considered “going downstairs” with Lloyd – you’ll have to seek them out to tell their stories.  Allegedly, while loading out, a group of fellows with dirty white backwards hats first exchanged words with Lloyd, followed by punches.  I didn’t observe the events quite directly, though I saw a bit of the tussle as we pulled away.  Rumor has it that Lloyd was punched in the face a couple of times (and did not return fire) before being pulled inside to safety by the venue staff.

(Richard Lloyd with Matt Girard of The Motion Sick) 

The Night was nothing less than full of adventure!

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Brett Rosenberg and the Joiners played some really great, blistering alt-country songs.

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Fox Pass hit us early in the night with some super-slick power pop. Great songs straight out of the late ’70s Boston rock scene. It’s grand to have these guys back in the game!

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