Boston Band Crush Archived Article: Show Crush: The Cover Up tribute to QUEEN!

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You love Queen, right? Of course you do, everyone does! Thus, this show is for everyone! Friday, June 12th at The Lizard Lounge
Brendan Boogie presents a tribute to Queen.

I fully expect it to be awesome, insightful, and fun.

The evening will feature Ad Frank, The Narrow Channels, Calycadenia, The Pesos, John Powhida International Airport, and Gunpowder Gelatine (the only all-female Queen tribute band in the universe.) with special guests Jason Dunn of The Luxury and host, Brendan Boogie.
About The Cover-Up series:
Hosted by Brendan Boogie, the Cover-Up is a live music series based in Boston, where stars of the Boston music scene pay tribute to favorites from the past.