Boston Band Crush Archived Article: Exhibit Crush: Rock Parents by Kelly Davidson!

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Rock photographer extraordinaire, Kelly Davidson is exhibiting her third installment of Rock ‘n’ Roll Parents at Zuzu on July 6th (10pm to 1am). The concept is both simple and awesome – take photos of rock people and their kids. A little peek into the home life of some awesome Boston musicians. The photos will be on display for all of July.

Featuring photos of: Mary Lou Lord and Kevin Patey, Michael Hayes, Aaron Perrino, Shivika Asthana, Ted Corrigan, Mike Savage, Mark Robinson and Evelyn Hurley, Nate Greenslit, Rishava Green, Drew O’Doherty, Crazy Eddie, Dave Steele, Mike and Lael Piehl.
and performances by Axemunkee and DJ  Squareshooter.
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