Boston Band Crush Archived Article: Free Recordings Crush: Bryan McPherson

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Bryan McPherson pretty much defines the punk-folk genre for me. His songs rarely center on the usual love-lost, love-found boringness- instead he focuses on what it means to be from Dorchester, addiction, social, racial, sexual, and religious injustices. His performances are riveting, heartfelt, and downright intense.

He has a new set of recordings (12 songs) called, “Street Lights” that were recorded live with an acoustic guitar in front of an intimate audience, in the summer of 2009.

It is available now for free on the web at:

Some of the proceeds to benefit The ACLU Foundation (Gimme Sound offers free downloads to users and pays the artists with ad money).
Go right now and download!

Bryan’s next show is a solo gig August 28th at O’brien’s with Kevin Seconds of 7 Seconds.