Boston Band Crush Archived Article: Name Crush: The Future Everybody

This article originally appeared on Boston Band Crush ). Obviously, I’m a huge music nerd and I enjoy pointless trivia. These two facts have converged in my curiosity about how bands arrive at their band names, and what they mean. Was it a series of coincidences that spawned the name, heated debate amongst band members, some special signifigance, or did it just arrive fully realized into a band members head?

I was so curious, that I went and asked some bands what it all means.

(Nate Rogers pictured here)

I spoke with Nate Rogers (formally of the band Scamper) about how the name for his new band The Future Everybody came about:

“A Google search of the phrase “The Future Everybody” will probably clue you in to the origin right quick.

(yes, I did do the google search for you!)

Mike and I were having a bear of a time naming our post-Scamper project (as evidenced by some of the names on the short list — The Michael Landon Firestorm, The Chuck Woolery Mammoths, Who Wants To Fucking Party?). One day, Mike was waylaid by something that, in the words of Chuck Klosterman, “felt like The Neptunes had remixed his digestive tract, severely pumping up the bass.” Whilst recovering in a strange bed, he eyed an Andy Warhol poster on the wall with the famous phrase “In the future, everybody will be world famous for 15 minutes.” Voila. This is not to say that we as a band harbor any delusions of becoming world famous, for 15 minutes or otherwise. But we are big fans of the future, particularly when it involves Desmond Hume.”

They will be playing their debut show at The Middle East Up on Thursday, August 27th, it’s a stellar bill, and we’ll have more on that soon, for now here’s the poster: