Boston Band Crush Archived Article: One Night Band Recap Crush: Morning Meeting and Zumix band Feedback #OneNightBand

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Just to give you a sense of what we did at 10 AM to prepare bands for this feat of endurance, here’s a clip of our morning meeting assigning the participants to their bands.  We also interviewed a number of participants.  Those interviews will be posted with their respective band posts, which will go up once per day for the next 8 days.

TeaParty Boston was on the scene and made this great photographic timeline of what went down in the morning:

One Night Band was a charity event for Zumix:

Located in East Boston, MA, ZUMIX provides top-quality cultural programming as an alternative way for young people to deal with frustration, anger and fear, and as a method of building cultural understanding and acceptance in one of Boston’s most diverse neighborhoods.

We had the opportunity to have an excellent band comprised of young Zumix players open the night before the One Night Bands took the stage. They impressed me by opening with a rousing rendition of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers theme song, which unfortunately, I didn’t get on video.