Boston Band Crush Archived Article: Timeliness Crush: What’s Your Major? Fest!!! If you arrive later than 9, you will miss some fun!!!!

This article originally appears on Boston Band Crush ). Friends, just another reminder that “What’s Your Major?” – our wacky 2-day music and comedy festival at Church of Boston is happening tonight and tomorrow.  We’ve already told you all about the lineup and all that jazz at:

Every single act on these lineups is top-notch and we don’t want you to miss a beat, so please arrive before 9. (The show will begin promptly at 9.)

Tonight’s openers Sarianna and the Swell are coming up from CT and have not played Boston in a very long time.  I saw them play in Danbury a while back and DEMANDED that they come play with us in Boston.  They don’t have any full recordings yet, but they’ve got demos on their Myspace page:

Come early and help us to support them.

Here’s a video clip of them live to give you a sense (though I don’t think it quite does their great live show justice):

Opening the show Saturday, we’ve got a great local act, The Grownup Noise, who have just returned from touring the nation in a vegetable-oil fueled van.  They have many a story to share and many a song to sing.  We’ve covered them a couple of times here on BBC, check out

These kids have been on my radar for a while and you want to catch them before they get too big for playing in front of the likes of you!  (Just kidding, they are all so nice that they’d probably still play in front of you even if they were hugely famous.)

Here’s a bunch of video from the last show we caught (if you are very eager, you can flip through for their House of Pain cover).