Boston Band Crush Archived Article: Radio Crush: Sidewalk Driver on WZLX’s Boston Emissions with Anngelle Wood

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I am putting aside my escalating feud with Sidewalk Driver and ignoring the fact that I’ve received a one-month suspension from Boston Emissions (web page still heads over to its former home on WBCN, so don’t let that confuse you – tune in at to let you know that Sidewalk Driver will be the special guest tonight (very soon!) on Boston Emissions (10 PM to Midnight on WZLX) to promote their CD release party this Saturday at TT the Bear’s (you’ll soon hear more about this).

The exciting thing about this radio show is that it will quite possibly be the first ever live broadcast of a haircut on the radio airwaves. Apparently, the band has had an intervention with bassist Jonn Smith and has demanded that his hair is restored to its glorious prior state depicted in the photo below and left.

The band will be live tweeting about the demise of each stringy strand over at: