Boston Band Crush Archived Article: Show Recap Crush: The Lights Out CD Release!

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Boston Band Crush favorites The Lights Out totally rocked it last Friday to a packed TT the Bear’s at their CD release.

I had a slight mishap that involved leaving my camera bag (with extra battery and charger) at Church in the overwhelming excitement and aftermath of What’s Your Major? last Saturday.  I was only able to recover said items hours before this show, so I had to limit my filming/photographing of the openers and ended up running out of battery before Township went on.  So, sadly, no Township, but we have a lovely bunch of photos/videos from a previous show at: and you’ll just have to take our word that they rocked it.

The Lights Out (more photos/videos here)

Roman Traffic (more photos/videos here)

Reverse (more photos/videos here)