Boston Band Crush Archived Article: Memorial Crush: Mark Sandman Concert

This article originally appears on Boston Band Crush ). All I can say is “wow wow wow!” The Mark Sandman Memorial Concert was really awesome! I had never seen Morphine or any of the post-Morphine acts (or pre-Morphine acts as the case may be) live and they all really blew me away. It was an amazing event, saved by The Middle East from a rainy doom and moved indoors.  I got a lot of video including full sets from all of the Morphine-related acts – Treat Her Right, Elastic Waste Band, and Orchestra Morphine.  I will be posting these as soon as I get them all uploaded.

To start things off, here’s the set from Treat Her Right.  From Wikipedia:
Treat Her Right was a blues rock group formed in Boston, Massachusetts in 1984. The band featured Mark Sandman on guitar, Billy Conway on drums, Dave Champagne on guitar, and Jim Fitting on harmonica. Singing and songwriting duties were shared by all but Conway.