Launch Over: Almost ready to…LAUNCH

True believers!  Sophia and I (Mike here!) just wanted to express our gratitude for all of the enthusiasm, support, and encouragement that’s been pouring our way as we begin the Launch Over journey.  This weekend is really the final logistical and organizational push before Launch Over officially begins licensing music.

We’ve had an unbelievable response thus far to Launch Over.  We had hoped to have 8-10 artists signed before heading down to SXSW and it’s looking like we’ll have about 18!  We’ve got a pretty long queue of artists who have expressed interest and we’re trying to get everyone through our paperwork and into our system.  We’ve actually already exceeded our original system limit and have upgraded to accommodate all of the incredible music that we’ve been collecting.  We hope to make some great things happen for you all.

We’re thrilled with how strong the catalog is coming right out of the gate (we’ll let you know more about each of the artists in the blog here as music gets uploaded into our system and as time permits).  It is a great honor to be able to work with so many people that we admire and so much music that we love.  Now that we have a great catalog, we’re ready to spend the next several months working particularly hard reaching out to contacts, both new and old, to let the entertainment world know about all of the great work being done here in Boston.

We’ll periodically post news here, so please do follow along by subscribing to our RSS feed, following us on Twitter, and becoming a fan of Launch Over on Facebook.

Most of all, don’t hesitate to drop us a line if you’ve got any ideas at all about how you might like to be able to work with us. We’re very much interested in keeping everything we do here closely tied to the Boston music, film, and arts communities.