Quiet Desperation Episodes 18 and 19 – DNFMOMD: Rock ‘N’ Roll Rumble PARODY, April 29th at Great Scott (presented by Quiet Desperation)

Rob Potylo has shed his Robbie Roadsteamer moniker and character, but he still has feet in both the local worlds of comedy and music. Rob has been busy making a crazy reality sitcom about the arts scene (and his life) in Allston – he’s up to 19 episodes! You can watch them all on Youtube and at Quietd.com. For more of the story read The Boston Phoenix article

DNFMOMD have been guests in the last two episodes of the show – here they are:

For an upcoming episode of the show, Rob has organized a parody/lampooning of the famed Boston battle of the bands, The WBCN Rumble. WBCN is gone, but we hear that the real Rumble will be back soon, again put on by the amazing local music show Boston Emissions (now on WZLX after the passing of WBCN) and its host Anngelle Wood. 

The Rumble played a huge part in a huge growth in community interest in local music in 2009 and we are sure that its return will bring more of the same!  Until then, Rob, who worked at WBCN briefly, is seizing the opportunity to integrate aspects of this legendary local event into his sitcom in parody form.  

So April 29th at Great Scott – we were asked to perform at this show, dubbed the “finals” of the event.  Also on the bill for the night: a full-band performance from Rob, HUMANWINE and King Hell.
The night will be taped for an episode of Quiet Desperation and promises to be an adventure. Facebook Event.