DNFMOMD: Tour Day 4 – 2010-07-25 – Richmond, VA

Sophia’s Day 4 – we woke up at our friend’s Pia, Aaron, Annie (the dog)’s house.

We made it to a breakfast place, Mark’s Kitchen that had vegan breakfast and “normal people food” – it was over 100 outside and probably 85 inside and Kelly was very pleased to be sitting on a heater basically.

Back to their house, right when we were thinking about leaving D.C. got a huge rain storm and the power started browning out until they totally lost it. The best entertainment we could come up with was whistling in the dark.

Back on the road we fell in love with D.C. traffic ALL over again – but we passed signs for MANASSas and DUMfries so that was amusing.

In the car we learned that Agent Bishop can lick his neck:

Finally we found Richmond and The Camel, and made friends with Tim from PBR and The Matrimonials – we played first and my voice was really hurting, but a fun time all around. The venue had an amazing menu item: “Vegan Hummus Pizza” – how could we pass this up? It was odd to eat warm hummus (with black olives, roasted garlic, artichoke hearts just cooked on a pizza – no sauce – just hummus) but pretty good.

Some vids from all the bands:

Agent Bishop’s Lessons from the Road:

Lessons from the road #16: Make friends on the road… it’s cheaper than renting a hotel room.
Lessons from the road #17: Sophia Cacciola can not multi-task while driving… or else you will die
Lessons from the road #18: Bethesda is the 9th Circle of Hell
Lessons from the road #19: “Where is My Mind” is not only the most covered song in Boston…. It is also the most covered song in VA.