DNFMOMD: Tour Day 5 – 2010-07-26 – Natural Bridge, VA

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Sophia says:
Day 5 was an open (no show) date on our tour, so we were forced to do the right thing – the right thing being to help the dinosaurs fight Confederate soldiers in Natural Bridge, VA! Little known fact – the first draft of The Gettysburg Address was crap, so a dinosaur ate it, forcing Abe to rewrite the whole thing!

Also, we were all hatched from dinosaur eggs! And, Sophia can do the timewarp straight into the fifties! Kelly and Agent Bishop will pay money to hold a baby tiger! There is a foam replica of Stonehenge! …that we played an impromptu acoustic set at! We found the unincorporated town of Sam Black Church – where the testimony of ghosts is admissable in court! …and the 90s Boston band got it’s name. We had the best, most ridiculous day ever, exploring Natural Bridge, VA.

Eating was not so great – we had “food” at The Pink Cadillac – which was french fries for me and an iceberg lettuce salad for Mike, and then were lucky enough to find some Nepalese food that was only okay and Beckley, WV. As for WV – next time I will go around.

Mike adds: Sophia and I really hate zoos, but we did let Mike and Kelly get their picture taken with the baby tiger. It was pretty sad to sit the baby isolated in a room hissing at everyone who approached the window (see the video). There were also some really cute monkeys of some sort that we could see through the window. We didn’t actually go into the zoo. Well, that’s not totally true. I convinced the door girl to let me use the bathroom even though there was a prominent sign saying the bathroom was inside the zoo and you could only use it if you paid admission. I applaud her kindness. There were so many photos that I just gave up and posted a whole bunch of them here without organizing them.

Here is one of our two performances live at Foamhenge.  The second will be added as soon as we get fast enough Internet to upload it!!!

A bunch of videos of our visit to Natural Bridge:

Photos By Kelly Davidson on Facebook and Flickr – other photos on Facebook

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