TEN Tidings: We Have Arrived!

The time has come. It is now December 6, 2012, and the 17-person cast and crew of TEN has settled into an undisclosed mansion to commence eight days of principal shooting. The mansion is gorgeous and has hundreds of little special features, from random alcoves to a wardrobe that surely goes to Narnia to a ceiling painted with cherubs. There’s apparently also a ghost named Phil, although the more academic among us think that to be hogwash.

We’ve spent the first few hours in the mansion settling into our bedrooms and setting up equipment. It’s nearly a maze in here with seemingly endless bedrooms spread across two floors, including old servant quarters with creepy pairs of twin beds and cots. My own room is one of the masters; the walls are painted red, so I can’t resist croaking “REDRUM” each time I enter. There’s a distractingly beautiful sunset visible from this side of the house as well.

Most of the cast appears in at least one of the two scenes we’ll be shooting tonight; they’re currently applying makeup and styling their hair.

Meanwhile, most of the crew is setting up lights and testing outlets, and Sophia is in the kitchen working on minestrone soup and stuffed shells.

Tonight’s scenes involve a bathtub, a crystal ball, and at least one death. Starting out with a bang! Keep a close eye on the TEN social media channels (web, Facebook, Twitter) throughout the night and the rest of the week. I’ll be posting new content continuously, from snapshots to video interviews and beyond.