The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library’s TEDxSomerville speaker songs 8: Aatish Salvi

Okay, so we had planned to finish releasing all of the The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library‘s TEDxSomerville songs by the end of 2012, but we got distracted making a movie, among other things. So, as we approach the 1st anniversary, we’re still working on releasing the 25 songs created to honor the speakers at this year’s TEDxSomerville (but we’ll get there!), accompanied by videos of their TEDx talks (see all previously released at:

Here’s a recap of our experience and songsTanya’s experience recap, and the story of how the songs were presented at the TEDxSummit in Qatar by TEDxSomerville Executive Director C. Todd Lombardo.

“Aatish Salvi”

Aatish Salvi

C                            Am
Aatish Salvi breaks poverty
F                                           G
by providing resourceful equality

Aatish Salvi fights poverty
restoring rights and dignity

and there’s nothing
about incentivizing
economic growth
No reason, to stay trapped in, a welfare cycle, that’s growth discouraging