DNFMOMD: it’s like losing your best friend….

My beloved Volvo (dubbed “Golden Thunder”) finally died last week, she just turned 20. This car saw me through three versions of blitzkriegbliss, gigs, several boyfriends, breakups, four moves, trips to: Montreal, Niagara Falls, Binghampton, Albany, Penn Yan, Long Island, Burlington (VT), Portland (ME), plus more I’m sure I’m forgetting. It ended up being just not worth spending thousands of dollars to fix the car. I was wholly depressed for two entire days. I ended up donating the car to ‘cars for kids.’ Here are some photos in memoriam:

Being towed away….

Only 120,000 miles, if it wasn’t such a money pit, it would have gone to 400,000, I’m sure.

Revolt! I always found this inspirational.

Here is the back end, with closeups of the stickers:

Finally, here is the pile of junk and tapes that I cleaned out of it.