The Motion Sick: has come up with an interest Youtube alternative. Their model inserts ads into videos in different ways so that content contributors can make money from their work. I am not sure if we’re talking about pennies or dollars at the end of the day here. I’ve only watched a few videos from there, but the ad content wasn’t *too* terrible. Monetization is one of the most difficult things for musicians in the age of CDs being added to the endangered-species list.

A few of Revver’s advantages:

1. The quality beats the crap out of Youtube.
2. The content provider makes money
3. Content promoters make money. You can embed videos from Revver anywhere and pick up some pay.

While it’s true that no one is really excited for ads, it’s an interesting model…tell us what you think. Here are two of our videos (both versions of the “30 Lives” video) and a little Weird Al.