DNFMOMD: Jean-Paul Video

Mike from The Motion Sick created a video out of archive footage for their song “Jean-Paul.” For a twelve-hour project it came out pretty cool. I wrote this song at age 18, I originally called it “Jean-Paul Approximately” (a little call out to Queen Jane Approximately). It was inspired by the story of Jean-Paul Marat’s death by the young revolutionary, Charlotte Corday during the French Revolution. Which, incidentally, is a really interesting time to read up on. As a young girl, I was struck Cordays conviction and courage. She was only 25 at the time of the murder, and she was killed by guillotine days later. Her final quote before execution was “I killed one man to save 100,000.” Interestingly, and which gave more substance to the idea that she acted alone and for her beliefs, is that at autopsy she was found to be a virgin. At the time, she created a martyr out of Jean-Paul Marat. I believe I read somewhere that now France thinks of her as a national hero.

Anyway, I lost track of the song, and The Motion Sick snatched it up. I contribute some breathy vocals to the studio track.