The Motion Sick: Jean-Paul: My Saturday project

So, I am trying to learn more about video editing. I hope to make a short film for the 48 Hour Film Project next year. As an exercise in editing, I spent all day making a music video for Jean-Paul out of public domain footage from the Prelinger Archives. It was particularly interesting to try to cover as much of the story of Jean-Paul as I could using the limited footage available. It turned out okay. I could work on fixing some of the timing and making things a bit better, but I only wanted to spend a fixed amount of time on the project, so once I reached that limit, I figured, I should just be done.

It contains a lot of strange stuff including prominent use of an old stag film, spiders, educational films, war films, commercial propaganda, etc. I don’t want to ruin things too much by giving away specific sources. I tried hard to build the tension and dramatic elements. I think it was reasonably successful given the time and material limits.

If you don’t like spiders or are bothered by a brief period of flashing lights, I’d suggest passing on this…

Here it is:

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