The Motion Sick: Spin Hot Pursuit Contest For A Contract with Epic!

We are one of the 10 finalists in the Spin Hot Pursuit contest for a record deal with Original Signal/Epic Records.

We’re one of the top Spin picks here and you can read the comments from the judges on all of the bands: . Thanks to BUTCH WALKER, PETER MOREN, AMANDA PALMER, and DOUG BROD for the kind words! It looks like we fared pretty well in their assessments.

Now, the sad news is that we’ve decided to withdraw from the competition. The option agreement deal with Epic just didn’t match our current needs. It’s really tough to turn down a potential deal with a major label, but right now, it’s just not the right thing for us. That is not to imply at all that it would not be the right deal for somebody else. We wish our competitors the best of luck with the competition and hope that they find the outcome of their work with Music Nation and Original Signal very fruitful! Rock on!