The Motion Sick: P.U.M.T.! and Michael Phelps & The Defenders of Freedom Team Up to Defeat The Dark Knights of Dementia!!!

Last night, a great shadow fell upon Boston, as evil supervillain squad THE DARK KNIGHTS OF DEMENTIA launched an attack on unsuspecting concert-goers.  Luckily, just in the nick of time the good citizens of Boston were rescued from the clutches of the evil-doers by superhero legion P.U.M.T.! (POWERS UNITED TO MITIGATE TROUBLEMAKING) along with the help of MICHAEL PHELPS & THE DEFENDERS OF FREEDOM .   The battle was long and fierce, but the good people of Boston may again sleep soundly knowing that evil has been defeated.  While THE DARKS KNIGHTS OF DEMENTIA were banished to their evil dimension and the portal through which they traveled has been closed, they vowed revenge on our heroes screaming, “We’ll be back and next time, you won’t be able to stop us!!!!”

Reporters on the scene caught much of the action and today we have an exclusive inside look at one of the hub’s tensest moments in recent times including pictures and video of the superheroes, supervillains, and ordinary citizens caught up in the battle:


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