DNFMOMD: Product Review: Taza Chocolate

I had just been lamenting that as a vegan I haven’t found a good way to make hot chocolate. The quest for a decent cup of cocoa last winter was long and bleak. I tried powders, double boiling, microwaving chocolate, combinations of these things all with little success. With the cold weather creeping in, I was just starting up my bellyaching, when my sister came home with TAZA Chocolate Mexicano. I quickly steamed up some soy milk and whisked in a chunk of the chocolate wheel. That chunk of chocolate quickly melted into the soy milk creating an intense chocolate flavor with vanilla undertones, it was smooth, it was creamy; in short all the comfort I want from a hot cocoa on a cold day. Upon reading the package I find that it is made in my beloved Somerville, following some fancy Mexican chocolate stone-grinding processing method. Whatever it is they are doing, it is delicious. TAZA is even having an open house in December, which I plan to attend, click the link above for more info.