The Motion Sick: The Motion Sick Tour 2009 – Video and Photo Summary

From our web page with video and photos at:
Perhaps the highlight is the videos of the newly commissioned state songs:

…or if you’d rather watch the individual state songs: AR,CT,KY,MD,NY,NJ,OH,PA,RI,TN,TX,TX (Reprise),VA,W.VAIn addition to the state songs, we kind of began things with a Trip Introduction by Mike and the Battle of the Jam Bands.We invited you to have Some Dinner with The Motion Sick. We showed you what it is like to walk the streets of SXSW. We made a short film sequel to our art piece Loneliness of the Long Distance Driver. We discussed the 10Crack Commandments, made a bad music joke, and visited Notsuoh,which is Houston spelled backwards. 2009 is a year of Hope Lost and Hope Regained. We visit the vaguely pirate-themed Buccaneer Lounge in Memphis. We spend some time with a Raunchy Alligator Pillow with a name that has awful slang meaning. We make fools of ourselves singing AirborneToxic Event’s “Sometime Around Midnight” . Yes, Patrick Interviewed a Horse. Patrick and Mike also conducted video interviews of Boston Bands attending SXSW for Boston Band Crush at:, there is supposedly something funny about DX-7s.Lots and lots of photos and video from the Green Light Go Showcase at Fran’s Hamburgers.Our antics have been documented in photos where legal in all 50 states:

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