Boston Band Crush Archived Article: Rumble Crush: The Finals! (#rumble)

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VIDEO of the whole night and the winner announcement HERE!!!

The last night of the Rumble was a total love-fest. The Luxury overcame the the first slot (see our statistics on the Rumble -no-one this year until last night, had taken a night after playing first) the wild card title, and the #Rumble Plague to become this years big winners. Interestingly, three bands out of the past five years have won after getting into the finals via wild card. At any rate, The Luxury executed another flawless set, and totally earned the crown.

Gene Dante and the Future Starlets doubled the glitter and also put on a killer set, The Dirty Truckers did their “meat and potatoes” rock. All three sets from these bands easily could have won the night, and I do not envy the judges for having to make such hard decisions!

The Outlets kept everyone entertained, playing shirtless old school punk straight outta Rumble school of 1981, while the judges tallied up the scores.

At the announcement, Anngelle brought up everyone that was in the audience that had played in this year’s Rumble. The boys from Township came up to pass on the crown (filling in for last years winners: Girls, Guns, and Glory as they are currently on the road). Soon after our cameras were shut off all sorts of celebratory debauchery broke loose, which I will let build its own legend and not comment on it here.

There was something in the air this year: I saw many friendships born, genuinely supportive competing bands, future collaborations planned, and illnesses passed. It was a super special experience for everyone involved at every level.

Many thanks need to go to Anngelle Wood, Shawn Clayton, and WBCN for putting together such an amazing Rumble.

This concludes our Rumble coverage until next year.