The Motion Sick: BeatCrave Poll – A Quick Vote For The Motion Sick over Passion Pit, Family Force 5, and DeVotchKa.

A couple of days ago, we were featured on BeatCrave and I really appreciated what they had to say.

As they promised, they wrap the week with a poll to select the most craved beats (or something).  We’re matched with some serious bands:  Passion Pit, Family Force 5, and DeVotchKa.  I’m not sure if we’re actually better than any of these bands, but heck, I enjoyed what they said about us on the blog and I’d be honored if they did a feature.  So, if you’ve got one second, hop over to:

…and throw a poll vote our way.  No sign up, no mess of menus.  Just pick us and click “vote” and you’re done.   Good times!