The Motion Sick: BeatCrave Fave: The Motion Sick

The very cool kids over at BeatCrave wrote up a story on us that is one of those pieces that makes me feel very pleased.  In addition to being super nice and saying all encouraging words, they have captured the essence of some of what I consider to be important elements of what we’re all about.  That makes me happy because it makes me feel like someone is seeing the picture we’re trying to paint.  I worry about that; I definitely sometimes feel like Jackson Pollack in a hyper-realism study group…or something like that.  Also, I really like spinach!  Thanks Lindsey Darden, wherever you are!  You make us blush.

The Motion Sick can’t seem to pinpoint what genre they are, and to be honest, that’s perfectly fine with us. They’re very stealthy and intentional about it, though, kind of like a parent slipping spinach into their kids’ food in an attempt to get them to try it…Their lyrics are pretty out there, also, ranging from directions on how to use video game controllers to UFOs – oddly enough with such prose and poetic quality that they’re as good a read in black-and-white. They are consistent in their delivery, charming, and an easy catch…

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