Boston Band Crush Archived Article: Show Crush: 3rd Annual 08/08 at The Mid East

This article originally appeared on Boston Band Crush ). Saturday is the 3rd annual 08/08 show put on by Dave Virr (Duncan) of WFNX New England Product and The Middle East. Buy him a beer and wish him a Happy Birthday, and pat him on the back for putting together such a great bill.

08/08/09 – The Middle East Upstairs:

The Everyday Visuals just put out an awesome new record that sounds like The Beach Boys crossed with The Shins. I’ve been looking forward to seeing them live for some time.


The Shills are just about to hit the road for an east-coast tour to bring their indie-pop to the people.

The Motion Sick are in the midst of prepping a new concept album, and will be testing out a few new songs at this show.


Hymns are from NYC, Spin Magazine described them thus: ‘If Pavement and Neil Young Took A Roadtrip to Burritoville’


And despite the poster announcing it, The New Collisions had to bow out of this show in order to open for the B52s (read about that here).
What this means is that you get longer sets from all of these other four awesome bands.

Approximate set times:
Hymns 9:15
The Motion Sick 10:00
The Shills 11:00
The Everyday Visuals 12:00

Thanks to the sponsorship of Narragansett, there will be a limited supply of fresh, locally-brewed Narragansett beer for early-arriving paid guests over 21. That’s right… come early = free beer.

Rumor is, that this one is real close to selling out, so pick up your tickets at The Mid East box office or come early to the show so you don’t get shut out!