Boston Band Crush Archived Article: Memorial Crush: Mark Sandman Concert Part 3: Orchestra Morphine

This article originally appears on Boston Band Crush ). The third and final post of Morphine-related projects at The Mark Sandman Memorial Concert.  A final post with videos of opening acts will complete the series soon.

Orchestra Morphine is a living celebration of the music of Mark Sandman and Morphine, played with heart and commitment by a big band of Mark’s friends. The group includes his Morphine bandmates Dana Colley, Billy Conway and Jerome Deupree, Either/Orchestra leader Russ Gershon, Club d’Elf bassist Mike Rivard, horn player Tom Halter, keyboardist Evan Harriman and vocalists Christian McNeill and Laurie Sargent. Morphine Orchestra formed to play the first Mark Sandman Memorial Concert on July 25, 1999, outdoors at an intersection of Central Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts – a bastion of clubs and Mark’s musical stomping grounds – that was named Mark Sandman Square in his honor. Since then the Orchestra has toured America and abroad, recording several live albums as testimonials to their travels and, of course, to Mark himself.