Boston Band Crush Archived Article: Show Crushes: International Pop Overthrow

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The International Pop Overthrow festival is once again rolling into town for four days this week starting tomorrow. All nights are being held at Church of Boston and feature some great POP music. Go check out as many sets as you can!

Thursday 11/19, $8

8pm: Corin Ashley
8:30pm: Jeff Byrd & Dirty Finch
9pm: The Buckners
9:30pm: Satch Kerans
10pm: The Doom Buggies
10:30pm: Lemonpeeler
11pm: Heath Street

Friday 11/20, $10

8pm: Bittersweets
8:30pm: Pastiche
9pm: Fox Pass
9:30pm: Fireking
10pm: 1.4.5.
10:30pm: Big City Rockers (playing songs of The Atlantics)
11pm: The Stompers
11:30pm: The Varmints

Saturday 11/21, $10

8pm: Cliff Hillis
8:30pm: Carlene Barous
9pm: Popfilter
9:30pm: Golden Bloom
10pm: The Motion Sick
10:30pm: The Montgomerys
11pm: Topheavy
11:30pm: The Lights Out

Sunday 11/22, $8

8pm: Bird Mancini
8:30pm: Salvatore Baglio
9pm: The Dayzies
9:30pm: Skyler
10pm: Powderhouse
10:30pm: Jason Bourgeois & the Silver Jasons
11pm: The Rationales

Special thanks to Cheap Thrills for collecting all of the band links, this is another Boston events blog that you should know and love.