The Motion Sick: The Lizard Lounge – Sold Out and Bloody!

Thanks to everyone who came out to our massively sold-out rock show at The Lizard Lounge last week. Apart from an unsightly and messy injury (more info down below), we had a great time and really enjoyed the fine tunes of Paul Melancon, Brendan Boogie and the Best Intentions, and Oranjuly.

We grabbed a little video of the bands so those of you turned away at the door could get a peek at what happened inside.

Paul Melancon

Brendan Boogie and the Best Intentions


As for bloody messes, some time during “Jean-Paul” (video below – but the video doesn’t really expose the gore), Travis injured his hand on the drums resulting in the need for stitches and a lot of cleanup. For those of you who are really into seeing gore, Michael Spencer captured some of it on film over at (NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH!!!):–&_bqO=18

The Motion Sick

Travis is recovering safely now and we expect him to be able to play once again for our upcoming tour dates.

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