DNFMOMD: Tour Day 8 – 2010-07-29 – Pittsburgh, PA

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Sophia says: Today we woke up extra super early because we had a radio appearance to make at the University of Pittsburgh station WPTS! It turns out that our record has been in heavy rotation at WPTS – which delighted me to hear. We did a short interview about our band and how our tour has been going with Derek the DJ and played two songs acoustic: Episode 3: Checkmate and Episode 9: A.B.and C.

…and video of our live performance on WPTS filmed by Agent Bishop:

The station manager, Greg, recommended an awesome vegetarian cafe called Quiet Storm – which has been my favorite meal of the tour so far- buffalo tofu wings with vegan ranch dressing and a tempeh “reuben” sandwich – the tempeh was really flavorful, we finished that up with a hot cinnamon bun – which is a rare treat.

We then holed up in the corner for some much needed computer time.

Mike has a friend in Pittsburgh, Yona who caught up with us for dinner at a BBQ place with a separate vegan BBQ menu called Double Wide Grill – we got the hot seitan wings and I had a  lentil veggie burger – both were pretty kicking. Both of my meals (and this is how I judge a city) made me think that Pittsburgh is pretty cool.

On to the show! We played upstairs at a bar called Smiling Moose – it was cool place – with an elevated stage and great sound/light system. We played with Salvatore Farina of Sundog Peacehouse (video) and The Van Allen Belt (video). A really fun night all around.

A whole bunch of songs from our set captured on video by Agent Bishop

Also, from earlier in the day, video proof that we like to walk silly at rest stops

Photo slideshow by Kelly Davidson