DNFMOMD: Bury Me Standing

my MJEML bandmate, Rachel Blumenthal
caught this awesome moment

Nate Greenslit (of HUMANWINE) and Vessela Stoyanova (of Goli) just launched their brand new project, Bury Me Standing with a month-long residency at the Lizard Lounge. I liked the band name before I knew what it meant, and I liked it even more after I found out that it’s an old Gypsy saying, “At least when I die, bury me standing, because I’ve been on my knees all of my life.” They played, in their words, a set of “Balkan folk music, thrash metal, and psychedelic avant-pop.” I was honored to have been asked to sing a cover of System of a Down’s “War?” with them. The next week, Mali Sastri of Jaggery sang the same song with them. It was really cool to see how we each approached the song – which is very heavy/screamy with some weird vocal rhythm stuff. I walked around for a full week just repeating the lyrics to myself!

Here is the videographic evidence:

and Mali singing it the next week (I love the extra scream she added in between chorus lines):

I also got a couple of other videos of Bury Me Standing: link; link; and here they are singing Happy Birthday in the mind-bending time-signature of 19/8; and another video of Mali singing with BMS.

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