The Positronic Rays (my One Night Band) return to life to rock 12/3 at Rosebud and hit the studio!

Yeah, yeah, we’re making One Night Band into a misnomer, but the rumors are true, the space-themed operatic entity The Positronic Rays arises once more to perform the Spaceman Max song trilogy.  Who is Max?  He is the final hope for humanity, sent off to Mars to begin terraforming so that humans may move away from the dying Earth and start anew.  His only companion, the great watcher in the sky, The Master of the Universe, does not intervene as Max watches the last lights on Earth burn out and he is left alone, as the human race’s fading shadow.

So, what brings us back you wonder?  Well, it just so happens that The Blizzard of 78 is releasing an EP, and it just so happens that Highly Personal Trash is also playing at the show, and it just so happens that, ever since One Night Band, drummer Benny Grotto (Motherboar) has joined up to play drums with HPT.  So, 3/5ths of The Positronic Rays were already going to be under one roof.  Everyone knows that those final remaining pieces, “Me and Jim Collins” (funny story actually), are always ready to rock on short notice.  So, the rock is what shall go down!  In even bigger news, the day after the show, the Rays step into Mad Oak Studios to record the Spaceman Max trilogy.  So, it seems like there may be a Max record someday soon!

The show details:
Facebook Event Page
The Rosebud
381 Summer St.
Somerville, MA

Celebrate the release of “Nothing or No One” the new EP by The Blizzard of 78.
Set Times:
11:45-Muy Cansado
10:45-The Blizzard of 78
10:00-The Positronic Rays
9:00-Highly Personal Trash

Full video of our One Night Band Set: