Best Year-End Lists!

The following are all of the year-end lists that Mike or Sophia or any of our projects were mentioned:

hacked together Phoenix cover with Local Music feature

The Boston Phoenix – Boston Rock’s 2010 in Review (by Michael Marotta) – April, “the edgy rock of Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling proves more than just a flyer maker’s nightmare.” and in the paper we were listed amongst the ’10 Standout Local Releases’ for the year.

hacked together front of the Dig with Mike’s quote.

The Weekly Dig – Michael recounts one of his favorite shows of the year, One Night Band:
“I actually flew home and back from the Neutral Uke Hotel tour for one day to participate in Boston Band Crush’s One Night Band, and it was totally worth it! I loved the thematic approach this year. My band, The Positronic Rays, did a space-rock opera, while Thunderchunk and 10 Hours of Chaos took on Jaws and zombies, respectively.”

Desert Race Boston listed Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling’s CD release as one of their Best Shows of 2010: “And then DNFMOMD came on. I didn’t really know what to expect. They HAD THE OUTFITS FROM THE SHOW, a blonde chick goin’ nuts on drums and this guy who looks like he’s from a silent movie playin bass. Then I found out they were married, then I found out they are awesome and have all these crazy projects and I was like damn these guys are so cool! One of my favorite finds this year.”

Boston Band Crush opened their blog to local music people to submit their top-whatever lists and we were mentioned in a few of them:

Best of 2010: Mark Desrosiers’ most lust-worthy gear “Michael Epstein (Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling) – If you’ve listened to DNFMOMD before seeing them live, you might be a little confused; how do they sound so full, and yet there’s only two of them? The secret is in Mike’s split-signal bass rig. The signal from the bass is split, with one “clean” channel going to a normal bass amp, the other signal being stepped up an octave, layered with creamy and crunch distortion, and blasted out of a hi-gain Mesa Boogie amp. Who needs rhythm guitar players?!”

Best of 2010: Clay N. Ferno’s Top Five Outsider Sci-fi Weirdo Cult Themed Acts – DNFMOMD was number 3.

Best of 2010: Adam Ritchie’s Top Ten Tweets – “9. Michael J. Epstein (@michaeljepstein): Great news about Skippy T. Squirrel, The Mummified Squirrel of Somerville!”

Best of 2010: Jessica Sun Lee’s Top Ten Reasons To Live In Boston “6) Richard Bouchard’s hats, Ad Frank’s white pants, Michael J. Epstein’s mustache, and Mick Murray’s camera in your face are all things you can rely on.”

Best of 2010: Hilary Hughes’ Top Dreamboats “Though Michael J. Epstein’s mustache is a figurehead of the Boston music scene in itself, Chris’s (Christoph Krey) mustache and long, luscious locks drive the girls cuh-RAZAY”

I submitted my favorite hats of the year, “Best of 2010: Sophia Cacciola’s Top Hats” and Michael submitted his favorite youtube videos that we took at shows, “Best of 2010: Michael J. Epstein’s Favorite Boston Rock Videos”

Also on Boston Band Crush- the 2nd annual Golden Unicorn awards – we won in several categories!
Most Uncooperative Prisoner: Sophia Cacciola
Most Persistent Thing in Your Facebook Feed: Kickstarter campaigns
Second Most Persistent Thing in Your Facebook Feed: Michael J. Epstein
Most Potentially Quiet Bill: Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library, The Hush Now, Silent Century

Finally, Neutral Uke Hotel was mentioned as a their Top Show of 2010 on Chicago Tunes, “1. Neutral Uke Hotel @ Empty Bottle on August 19 (review) When is a cover band the absolute best act a person could hope to see all year? When that band is playing one of the greatest albums of all-time straight through on ukuleles!! I had signed up to check out this show for Warm Ones, and when I found out that there was going to be an opener playing In the Aeroplane Over the Sea in its entirety, I thought my head was going to explode! The actual show was even better than I could have imagined! There’s something about being in a room, singing along to music that is deeply personal to everyone in attendance that makes the experience transcend the usual concert-going status quo.”