Video/Audio of Michael J. Epstein on The National Conference for Media Reform Panel:Local Media and Culture: What Does It All Mean for the Music Scene?

I wrote a bit about my points of discussion when I spoke on the panel Local Media and Culture: What Does It All Mean for the Music Scene? at the The National Conference for Media Reform last month. I actually found that I learned a lot of interesting things from the other panelists: Candace Clement, DeAnne Cuellar, Davey D, Chris Faraone, and Casey Rae-Hunter. I haven’t had a chance to write a “debriefing” piece on my experience, but I am really pleased to say that the conference has posted video and audio of all of the panels.

You can listen streaming or download an MP3 of the panel…or you can watch video of the whole thing (and see me making strange faces as I sat in deep thought as the other panelists spoke):

Panel Description
Radio stations, blogs, social networks, alt-weeklies, oh my. But what do local media really mean for the music scene? For this session, members of Boston’s music community will be joined by national media advocacy experts and organizers to discuss the merits and challenges of geographically-rooted media. Do local media really matter in the age of the Internet? How does the local media ecology work to support the music community in a city like Boston? Why should artists, bloggers, journalists, club owners, fans and anyone else who loves local music care about media policy? And what is possible when media and musicians work together to create a stronger local music scene?

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